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Call Center Dialer System

To run a business successfully, you need to select the right dialer system for your business. The byteDIALER has been tailored to many business verticals, we have solutions for small businesses and very large businesses. Our dialer experts will help you choose the right solution for you needs.  In many cases, we recommend telemarketing as a boost to your other marketing systems, we will help you with everything, including marketing agents who will do the calling for you. With byteWORTH Marketing Solutions, you get more than our call center tools, you get 25+ years of our experienced team to help you succeed.

Our dialer system

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Enhance Loyalty

Since we are in a digital era where there is a huge turnover of technical information within our economy. No matter the size of your business, technology will impact profit growth. Communication being part of the technology will improve the relationship between you and your supplier, making your business reliable and increasing profit turnover.

Good communication with your customers builds a new relationship with new customers and maintains the relationship with your old clients. Satisfied clients will become the brand ambassadors of your business, and the only way you can enhance your customer’s satisfaction is through good call center software that enables your customer to receive an immediate response in case of a query.

Frustration in your clients due to unreliable leads will result in a bad reputation, which will end up being the breeding failure of your business. Most clients quit firms because of sluggishness or confusion in the communication system. The only solution to avoid falling out with your reliable clients is by trusting us because we will install a call center dialer system that will serve your clients in a pre-eminent way.

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The Size of Business we Serve

Our efficient call center dialer system software can provide the best solutions possible for firms of all sizes and different entities and multiplicity. Whether a health facility, a finance or banking institution, a travel company, an insurance company, a wholesale or a retail business, our software will offer you top-notch service in communication. In other words, we do not discriminate against any size of a company, and our system works with startups and large firms.

We offer three main categories of dialer software in the provided call center system, which are the following :

  • Auto dialers
  • Predictive dialers
  • Preview dialers
  • Manual dialers
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Auto Dialers

This software works by dialing many phone numbers as possible. Once the called individual has answered the dialed call, the software will play recorded information known as a voice broadcast where some of this broadcast might instruct the receiver to perform something like pressing a specific key to respond to their instructions. This kind of conversation is known as an interactive voice response.

Sometimes the auto-dialers software can connect your client to a live call center where their query will be handled by a specialist or an employee within the company.

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Predictive Dialers

Through an algorithm, the system’s software can dial numerous phone numbers simultaneously, enabling this system to maximize its reliability and efficiency. The difference between this software and the auto-dialers is that it directs the call to the sales person in the business once the call has been answered.

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Manual Dialers

As the name states manual, so does the software work. The sales agents have to go through a list of their clients and then manually dial their numbers one after the other. This method is rarely suitable for large companies because of the number of clients they have, unlike how it favors small startups.

It is also unsuitable because of its massive margin of errors. Sometimes after dialing, the receiver might be on another call or not responding. Sometimes, they can even be wrong because manual dialing is prone to human error.

Few circumstances will make your business call center use this manual dialer, which is why we don’t despise the software in cases where there is data that has to go through the sales team before calling a client or where the information between the client and the sales agent is considered confidential. Due to policies, third parties are not allowed.

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Preview Dial

This is also essential software because it simplifies your tasks by organizing messages from your office call. It connects your office phone with the sales agent or whoever is dealing with your customers by automatically transmitting your call data to your third party, the sales agent or the customer relationship manager.

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Office Phone System

This is a vital multiline system that has the following features:

  • Unlimited calls
  • Automaticity
  • Calls multiple groups of people simultaneously
  • Ability to record calls
  • Transmission of voice mail to email
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Content Writing

Creating content about your products and posting them regularly on your website or any other platform will allow you to present your product to multiple customers, enabling you to draw people’s attention to your business. With that in mind, we can also help you create content for your business that will have a tangible impact on your digital marketing.

Our Feature

Website Development

Suppose you intend to reach your customers comprehensively. In that case, the only solution is to develop a website because it provides more leads and an easier way to evaluate a client’s service.

Through the website, the brand of the company will be quickly promoted. Furthermore, the company would operate worldwide by making the company website accessible through the World Wide Web. Through us, we can design an efficient website for your products depending on your preference.

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