Generate BETTER LEADS and get MORE SALES with our high-performance dialer.

What byteDIALER can do?

Do you have a team making sales calls for your business?

Empower your SALES TEAM with a smart and efficient dialer—whether they are agents working remotely from home or agents in a call center, they will need our high-performance dialer so they can reach potential leads.

Our dialer solution is feature rich with tools that free up the agents’ time so they can focus on building rapport with prospects, selling or closing deals.

Let’s talk about how we can help your business. Call us TODAY!

Main Features Of Our Dialer

Our dialer solutions redefine the way you connect, engage, and optimize your communication strategies. Here’s why our dialers stand out:

Access Anywhere Dialer

Agents can log on anywhere. All they will need is a headset, web browser and a stable Internet connection.

Predictive Dialing

The system uses an adaptive dialing algorithm that skips busy lines, disconnected lines, voicemails and answering machines and routes only live calls to available agents.

Avatar Dialer

Automated voice recordings designed to help streamline customer support services.​

Call Monitoring And Recording

Automatically record all calls. Start and stop recording an agent's call at any time.

Call Transfers

We have third-party blind call transfer. You are also able to transfer calls with customer data to a verifier or remote sales rep.

Callback Scheduling

Schedule a callback with a customer with option for it to be either any-agent or agent-specific.

Blended Calls

Your agents can take both inbound and outbound calls in one session.


Your agents can take both inbound and outbound calls in one session.


Chat with customers from a website through the agent web screen. Chat with managers and other agents through the same screen.

Voice Broadcasting

Broadcast dial to customers with a pre-recorded message.​

Web Phone Capability

Download Zoiper and install it on your computer. Zoipher will then serve as the phone for our dialer.

External CRM Integration

Ability to integrate with CRM systems such as Zoho, Zendesk, Gmail, WordPress, Mailchimp, Pipedrive and Salesforce.com


What They Say

Here’s what our Amazing Clients have to say till now.

Our Clients

Client That We Have Worked With.

We have worked with these beautiful client to create awesome product.
DID Registration lower the possibility of having your number flagged as “spam” and getting blocked. Legitimate businesses who make a lot of calls sometimes, get marked as “Scam likely” or similar labels that cause calls to be ignored or even blocked. You can register your phone number with the carriers and or their analytics providers. this way, you will let them know that your business is legitimate and that your calls are expected.
NOTE: this will help solve having misleading labels but does not guarantee being whitelisted. A registered numbers might still get flagged if certain call patterns are detected OR if someone you call reports your number as being spam/scam.

Do the following to keep your phone number(s) in the best possible health:

Carrier Links Verizon, Sprint & US Cellular (by TNS Call Guardian) https://reportarobocall.com/trf/# ATT Wireless (by Hiya) https://hiya.com/manageyourcallerid T-Mobile (by First Orion) https://calltransparency.com/

Frequently asked questions

Is there any software I need to download

Please download Zoiper and TeamViewer from the links below.

What is Zoiper for?

To use the dialer, you will need a softphone. We will be using  an old version of Zoipher, it’s free and the version we’d like you to download and install on your computer works great with the dialer so take note, DON’T use the newer versions.

Helpful Resources

What is TeamViewer for?

TeamViewer is a remote desktop control software utilities. This allows our tech support team to connect directly to an agent’s computer and perform tasks as if the agent was present at the computers keyboard.

Tech support will sometimes require the client to install TeamViewer for troubleshooting or for certain setup procedures if the agent is unable to.

TeamViewer is optional and will only be used for support purposes.

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